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Real Biz Solutions is more than just a business consultancy company

We are your partners in growth and development

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When you hire Real Biz Solutions, you don't only get a team of experts that can help to boost your business. You get a team that is committed to working with you to create your vision and meet your business goals.

  • Increase Revenue
  • Data Driven Management
  • Improved Operations
  • Market Expansion
  • Brand Awareness
  • Client Success Development
  • Employee Happiness
  • Simplify Communication

Traci-Ann Johns – Founder/Chief Success Generator

Why Choose Us

Who We Are

Real Biz Solutions is more than just a business consultancy company. We pride ourselves on creating success for our clients by providing a range of business services. When using our growth service, you will have access to a team of experts with successful experience across a broad range of sectors. They will work closely with you and your management team to fully understand how your business operates.

At Real Biz Solutions, our business growth consultants work to your specific business objectives and are well-positioned to give exactly the support you need. If you are about to start a business or are looking to scale up your business, we are here to help.

We have experts and experienced minds on board that understand your requirements and chalk out the right strategies that work the best for your business.

We have industry experts empanelled in our team who go through your existing business strategy minutely and become the operational backbone of your company by giving you beneficial and practical advice and showing the right path towards business excellence. They help you arrive at the right strategies, build new systems or improve existing ones, lay down new processes or enhance the current set.

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How We Work



- Understand your business and its objectives
- Clearly define the existing problem
- Gain an understanding of the business organisation

Strategy Development


- Using your objectives and core values, we develop a strategy to reaching your goals.
- Evaluate the current market
- Determine long, medium and short-term milestones



- Put in place the team & resources needed for timely execution - Iterative process of implementation - Frequent check-ins to ensure implementation is on time & discuss possible obstacles

Monitoring & Evaluation


- Evaluation of impact of plan implementation
- Adjustments to plan and milestones based on outcomes
- Reporting for transparency